Our people related initiates are at the heart of our sustainability initiatives, in line with UN SDG goals. We have a particular focus on education, women empowerment and health. Our various sustainability initiatives are an integral part of our business operations with a robust governance structure. We aim to promote "integrated sustainable development" by empowering the “poorest of the poor”. To be consistent with our Values, Guiding Principles and Purpose, we engage with our employees and all other stakeholders with utmost fairness, honesty, and responsibility in all aspects of our business. We also ensure that our suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors adhere to the same values.

Corporate Responsibility
and Sustainability


Country-driven Sustainability Solutions for Positive Global Impact.


Be Socially Responsible while attaining the targets.


Empowering communities through sustainable social initiatives.


Colleagues collaborating for sustainable impact, Efficient, Innovative, Ethical, Responsible.


Sustainability, Conscious Collaboration, Conservation, Circular Economy, CSR.

Social Responsibility & Community Initiatives

Valency is committed to empowering women through job creation and offering preference in employment opportunities. We believe in fostering economic independence and promoting gender equality for a brighter future. Some of our labour intensive operations like cashew nut processing create significant employment opportunities for women in Sub Saharan Africa and Asia.

Valency actively engages in community outreach by raising awareness about savings and facilitating the formation of Women's Self-Help Groups (WSHG). Empowering communities through financial knowledge and collective support for sustainable growth underpin our community initiatives with respect to women empowerment.

Women's Day is an important part of the Valency calendar worldwide. On Women’s Day we strive to honour and celebrate the contributions of women not just in our businesses but in their communities at large. We promote gender diversity by fostering a workforce that includes women at all levels, empowering them to thrive and succeed.

We believe in the transformative power of education. We actively support educational programs and initiatives that empower individuals, open doors to new opportunities, and contribute to building stronger communities. We partner with schools to address the challenges faced by financially disadvantaged parents in providing their children with basic education tools and stationary. We also have a structured programme to recognise bright students and hold them up as inspirational role models.

Valency International provides disability recruitment services in Nigeria, offering inclusive hiring solutions that ensure people with disabilities have equal access to employment opportunities. With a focus on diversity and inclusivity we strive to bridge the gap between employers and candidates with disabilities, promoting inclusive workplaces that value and harness the unique talents and abilities of all individuals.

The recent pandemic has shown the importance of a strong partnership between businesses and local communities and governments to work together. We organise regular health camps at our origins and tailor the camps to the particular needs of the communities. 

Valency understands the importance of work-life balance and supports its employees by providing a creche facility in our factories and processing units. We believe that supporting working parents with a safe and nurturing environment for their children promotes employee well-being and enhances productivity. Our creche facility ensures peace of mind for parents, allowing them to focus on their work while their children are cared for in a comfortable setting.

Environment & Social Management

Valency has developed HR Procedures Manual to ensure that each employee has an enriching and fulfilling career at Valency with access to equal opportunities. We are driven by our people centric values and culture which guide and inform our work life.

Our performance as a growth driven corporate depends on the quality and commitment of our people. We have a remuneration policy which aims to attract and retain talent capable of delivering results. The key underlying principle is to ensure that our people are compensated fairly and are treated consistently.

We are committed to improve gender equity and dignity by responsiveness and sensitivity to gender issues within its supply chain. Our commitment is reflected in the large number of women employees across the globe. Valency offers opportunities to its employees to contribute and benefit equitably from the developments and opportunities offered.

Our Policy