We supply all kinds of steel products to the Africas leading construction companies and retailers. We have deep expertise in steel trading and source a range of products from Turkey, India, China and Middle East including a full range of flat and long products. We also supply RHS (Rectangular Hollow Sections) and Billets and service Djibouti, Ethiopia and Nigeria.  We are able to source products according to very specific needs of our customers through our global network and provide exceptional customer service.

Origin & Destination

Varieties Offered

  • Flat Products
  • Long Products
  • Semi Finished Products
  • RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section)

Flat Products

Explore our versatile range of flat steel products designed to meet diverse industrial needs.

Hot Rolled Coils (HRC)
Hot Rolled Plates (HRP)
Hot Rolled Sheets (HRS)
Cold Rolled Coils (CRC)
Galvanised / Galvalume Coils and Plates
Prepainted Galvanised / Galvalume (PPGI/PPGL)

Long Products

Discover our robust long steel options, from reinforced bars to wire rods, ideal for industrial applications.

Reinforced Bars / Deformed Bars
Mild-Steel / Medium-Carbon / High-Carbon Wire Rods

Semi Finished Products

Lay a strong foundation with our high-quality steel billets, the essential starting point for various manufacturing processes.


RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section)

Uncover the strength of our RHS products, perfect for structural applications and construction projects.

Our Strength

Commitment to quality and reliability

Establishing rigorous quality control processes and ensuring that only the best crops are sourced.

Exceptional customer service

Prompt responses to inquiries, personalized assistance, and timely delivery of orders.

Extensive supplier network

Working closely with suppliers and establishing long-term relationships helps ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products.

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