Our Purpose

We aim to be a differentiated global food ingredient company, with a strong commitment to sustainable growth. At Valency, our governing objective is to continuously enhance intrinsic value for our long-term shareholders. We strive to achieve this by leveraging our expertise in sourcing high-quality food ingredients, implementing efficient production processes, and maintaining strong relationships with our customers and partners. Through our unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and sustainability, we are positioning ourselves as a trusted leader in the food industry.

Our Vision

"To Be a Differentiated Global Food Ingredient Company."

Guiding Principle

"Valency as a trusted brand is committed towards Enhancing the Intrinsic Value for Long-term continuing Shareholders in an Ethical, Socially Responsible and Sustainable manner."

Our Values

A Developing organization which tries to thrive and excel within the defined business scope
Be Socially Responsible while attaining the targets
Having the right initiative spirit and resourcefulness.
Plan well and be accountable for the actions and decisions
Be a Role Model within and outside the organization

Our Journey

  1. Commodity Trader

    The Valency International journey begins with the entrepreneurial vision of our three founders with deep Agri-commodities experience.
    Business operations start with participation in the trade flow from African origins to Asian markets.
    Singapore HQ set-up.
  2. Origin Trade House

    Setup origination companies and procurement base in Nigeria, Ghana , Benin with ground team to ensure consistency of quality, delivery, and full control over procurement.
    Warehouses were rented out at this stage of the company.
    Started trading of RCN , Sesame , Timber, Steel, Industrial Chemical and Fertilizer.
  3. An established Global Trade House

    Acquisition of lands for setting up own infrastructure in Nigeria.
    Own warehouses set up in up-country locations with world class drying facilities to ensure product quality.
    Setup destination presence with office in India, China, and Vietnam.
    Continue to strengthen the origination network across West Africa.
  4. Investments towards becoming a Supply Chain player

    Build primary processing factories for cashew, sesame, soybean, ginger, and cocoa.
    Setup cashew processing plant in Nigeria, India, and Vietnam.
  5. Transformation into Supply Chain player

    Fully Operational processing assets for Cashew businesses in India, Vietnam, Nigeria. Commence work on set up of IVC processing facility.
    Grew and invested into core supply chain assets.
    Deepening market presence with new trading desks in Asia and Middle east.
    Retail foray with distribution of branded food products in Singapore, India and Nigeria.
  6. Transitioning to becoming a Food Ingredients Company

    Growing value additional through further investment in cashew processing, soy, sheanut processing, sesame processing, formulation plants and FMCG setup.
    At the same time continue to grow primary warehousing setup.
    With team size of over 2600 + people, wide product portfolio, regional and value chain expertise, we are confidently moving forward with our ongoing investment plans.

News Awards & Articles

It is an honour to be recognised by others. In recent years, we have been proud to receive awards for excellence in sustainability, leadership, management, corporate responsibility, investor relations, corporate governance, transparency and the way we manage our workforce.