Ethics and Compliance


At Valency ethical business practices and compliance are an integral part of our culture, our organizational DNA and reflects our cherished values. We recognise the fact that a growing organization like ours with a global footprint, operates in very different jurisdictions with their own local norms. Through our documented policies, established internal processes and multiple checks and balances we ensure that we function as a responsible corporate citizen. We reinforce our culture of compliance and ethical way of doing business through training programmes, workshops and targeted messaging from the leadership, both at a regional and global level.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct for our group companies binds our organization together with a set of non-negotiable behaviours, standards and ways of conducting our business. These policies reflect our shared values with social responsibility and accountability at its core. The Code of Conduct covers a comprehensive set of areas including sustainability, health and safety, diversity, employee grievance redressal and legal compliance.

Fair Employment Policy

We are committed to providing all our employees around the globe with a fair and equitable work environment and protect them with robust grievance redressal mechanisms. Our policies cover recruitment processes, gender diversity commitments, gender neutral sexual harassment policies and whistleblowing policy. These policies comply with local and international laws and conventions and reflect our values, culture and purpose.

Supplier Code

Our suppliers are our key stakeholders with whom we partner to deliver on our promises and grow as an organization. We ensure that the products and services we purchase are produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Our suppliers are committed to operate in full compliance with local and international laws and their operations are free from exploitative practices like employing child labour.

Anti-Bribery Policy

We have a zero-tolerance approach for bribery across the jurisdictions that we operate in. As a Singapore headquartered organization we are foremost bound by the (Singapore) Prevention of Corruption Act, as well as the local anti-bribery and corruption laws in the countries where we conduct business. We ensure that our employees across the world are fully aware of local and international anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws and comply with them all times. The same extends to associated persons and entities with whom we do business.

Anti-Money Laundering and Sanctions Policy

Our extensive participation in global cross-border trade makes it imperative for us to have stringent policies in place to combat money-laundering and ensure that we are fully compliant with economic sanctions imposed by recognised supranational and government organisations. We have voluntarily chosen to adhere to The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) principles to align with international best practices in anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism. This commitment and related policies aims to safeguard the company from being exploited for money laundering or terrorism financing in any form.


In order to ensure that our ethics and compliance framework truly works for all in our organization, we actively encourage our people and external parties to bring any breach to our immediate notice. Our whistleblowing policy provides secure channels that are easily accessible and totally anonymous.We provide support and protection from any kind of retaliation so that whistleblowers can raise complaints without fear or anxiety. All complaints are taken seriously, promptly escalated if required, thoroughly investigated and appropriate action taken.

Risk Management

In a dynamic global business environment, we consider risk management as a key component of our ethical and financial obligations to our staff, shareholders, customers & regulators. Responsible use of capital is a fundamental pre-requisite to deliver on our strategy and achieving profitable growth. Our Risk Policy clearly states the processes and provides a structured approach to quantify and manage risk.
The expectations and standards established by our risk policy go above and beyond those required by the policy and regulatory guidelines laid out by the local governmental, statutory and regulatory agencies.
The governance framework for our Risk Policy includes a Board Risk Panel (BRP) and a senior level Risk Monitoring Committee (RMC) headed by the Risk Manager with multiple checks and balances. Our Risk Management Policy embeds a culture where risk is everyone’s responsibility with close management oversight.

Sustainability Governance

We are committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout our operations which includes responsible sourcing, efficient use of resources, waste reduction, and minimising the environmental impact of our activities. We strive to adopt sustainable technologies and practices that conserve natural resources and minimise pollution.
We harness the power of our matrix organization structure to ensure that our partnerships in the communities we operate in, are self-sustaining and legally compliant. Traceability in our digitally enabled supply chain is an important element in ensuring that we have constant visibility on businesses across the globe for monitoring purposes.

News Awards & Articles

It is an honour to be recognised by others. In recent years, we have been proud to receive awards for excellence in sustainability, leadership, management, corporate responsibility, investor relations, corporate governance, transparency and the way we manage our workforce.