Ginger is a spice with growing popularity, known for its distinct aroma and flavor, used in various cuisines and traditional medicine practices. Our ginger is cultivated in ideal growing conditions and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it is free from any harmful substances. We take pride in our sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing, which not only supports local communities but also promotes a healthier planet. Whether you're a chef, a healthcare practitioner, or simply enjoy the taste of ginger, we offer a range of products to meet your needs.

Origin & Destination

Varieties Offered

  • Asta
  • FAQ


Asta ginger, also known as Calicut Ginger, is a high-quality variety of ginger grown primarily in Kerala, India and West African countries. It is known for its unique aroma, pungency, and fibre content. Asta ginger has a thin easily peel-able skin and a high oil and oleoresin content, making it ideal for various uses in the food & beverage and spices industry.

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FAQ (Fair Average Quality) ginger is a type of ginger that is widely used in the food and Spices industry. The name "FAQ" comes from the way the ginger is sliced into four pieces with each piece having a finger-like appearance. This variety of ginger is commonly used for pickling and is known for its pungent taste and aroma. It is also used for making ginger candy, ginger tea, and other ginger-based products and spices.

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Direct sourcing

   Valency directly sources ginger from trusted farmers and ensures that only the highest quality ginger is procured.


Quality Controls

We have a robust quality management at the sourcing level which ensures consistant high quality cargo ready for their processing.

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Prompt responses to inquiries, personalized assistance, and timely delivery of orders.

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