In line with our sustainability goals of providing healthy and nutritious food products to consumers in our markets we offer packaged food products under brands like Champion, With Love Gretel and Gretel rice brands. From Africa to India and SE Asia these well admired brands have become synonymous with affordable nutrition. We leverage our deep supply chain expertise and intimate knowledge of consumer needs in the countries we operate in, to create highly innovative and differentiated offerings like sprouted superfoods. We continue to expand our portfolio of brands and the communities we serve across our product lines.  

Origin & Destination


Valency's FMCG division in Nigeria proudly offers a range of high-quality custard powder products to meet the local market's demands. Our custard powder is specially formulated to deliver a delightful taste and creamy texture that brings joy to every meal. Made from carefully selected ingredients, our custard powder is known for its rich flavor and smooth consistency. We prioritise quality and ensure that our products adhere to strict hygiene and safety standards. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Valency's custard powder is a trusted choice for households across Nigeria, adding a touch of sweetness to everyday moments.

With love, Gretel

Fast changing lifestyles and food trends emphasise healthy and clean eating. To address this demand we began R&D work on developing a range of sprouted foods which maximise the nutrient absorption by reducing phytic acid, without compromising on taste and texture. Our superfood journey started in 2019 with the launch of With Love Gretel sprouted nuts which offered healthy snacking with popular flavours like Truffle, Peri Peri and Sriracha. Our attractively packaged product range has expanded significantly to include nut butters, sprouted crunchy snacks and granola packs. With Love Gretel is a proud Singapore brand with an growing following in the region.


Rice has emerged as the preferred source of carbohydrates in Africa in the past decades and African consumers have shifted their eating habits by localising rice recipes. The demand for affordable and quality rice is increasing in Africa at an exponential pace. With a long history of trading grains we launched our own rice brand, Gretel in 2020year. Since its launch Gretel has developed solid reputation as a quality brand across Sub Saharan Africa . We continue make significant inroads into the African rice market with differentiated offerings in a growing range of SKUs with the goal of ensuring consumers get a standardised product backed by the Valency brand and know how.

Our Strength

Exceptional customer service

Prompt responses to inquiries, personalized assistance, and timely delivery of orders.

Extensive supplier network

Working closely with suppliers and establishing long-term relationships helps ensure a reliable supply of high-quality products.

Commitment to quality and reliability

Establishing rigorous quality control processes and ensuring that only the best crops are sourced.

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