Valency is a trusted global supplier of high-quality sugar. We prioritize reliable supply, competitive pricing, and stringent quality standards. With an extensive supplier network spanning major sugar-producing regions, we source the best quality sugars at competitive prices. Our experienced logistics team ensures timely and flawless delivery. Operating in key sugar-producing and consuming countries, we leverage local market insights to offer tailored solutions.

Origin & Destination

Varieties Offered

  • Icumsa 45
  • Icumsa 150
  • Icumsa 100

Icumsa 45

This is a premium quality sugar with a sparkling white color and a sweet taste. It is a highly refined sugar that is perfect for use in confectionery, bakery, and beverage industries. Icumsa 45 is one of the most widely traded sugar types in the world.

Icumsa 150

This variety has a light brown color and a more pronounced molasses flavor than Icumsa 45 or 100. It is ideal for use in brown sugar applications, as well as in the production of molasses, caramel, and other flavorings. Icumsa 150 is less refined than Icumsa 45 or 100, giving it a more natural appearance and taste.

Icumsa 100

This is a high-quality white crystal sugar that is less refined than Icumsa 45. It has a subtle golden color and mild sweetness, making it ideal for use in a variety of food and beverage applications, including baked goods, desserts, and sauces.

Our Strength

Quality assurance

We work closely with our suppliers to guarantee the integrity of our products and have rigorous quality control measures in place to maintain product quality.

Strong supplier network

We have established long-term relationships with trusted suppliers across the world, giving us access to a reliable and diverse supply of sugar.


Customized solutions

   We understand that every customer has unique needs, and we strive to provide customized solutions to meet those needs.


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