Raw Cashew and Cashew Kernels

Valency International’s competitive edge lies in the supply chain management of Raw Cashew Nuts (RCN). We procure them from remote bushes and bring them to process houses. With excellent origination capabilities, we have built a strong presence in Africa and Asia and are one of the largest traders in West Africa, a major origin of RCN. We also trade processed cashew nuts from India and Vietnam.

The key to our competitiveness and success is the presence of specialized traders and highly qualified quality control inspectors that ensure strict quality and logistic controls at origins. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in world class drying facilities and warehousing logistics in various parts of West Arica. This allows our cargo to be well dried thus mitigating the quality risk that arises from moisture and maintains the consistency of quality in each and every shipment. Hence, allowing us to fulfill our commitment of timely shipment of quality cargo to all our customers.

Valency International continues to strive to be the best cashew trader by continually expanding its origins, increasing its investments and is currently pursuing forward and backward integration by creating processing facilities at origins.

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