Our Product

We provide the following grades of natural raw cashews:

Grade: W240 & W320 & W450
Whole cashews are the most sought after and of the highest quality because they have not been damaged or split. W240 is large in size, making them more valuable.

Grade: WS
White split have a whitish ivory hue and lack any dark colour or brown spotting, making them the purest of the cashew grades. Splits are whole cashews split into 2 and usually preferred for candy bars, pastries and other baked goods.

Grade: LP
Large pieces are not evenly cut like splits. They are used more for recipes or garnish.

Grade: SP
Small pieces are smaller than LP and can be used for cashew milk production, baked goods etc.

Grade: BB
Baby bits are small pieces of cashew, used for cashew milk production, baked goods etc.

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