Beans and Pulses

The Indian subcontinent is a major importer of Pulses in the world. For millions of Indians who come out of poverty each year, pulses form their basic protein diet. There is also a huge demand of Pulses from Burma, which is our nearest exporter. We participate in these trade flows from Burma and from East Africa.

We offer many varieties of pulses as listed below. Click on them to see their specifications.

  1. White pea beans
  2. Kabuli chick peas
  3. Desi chick peas
  4. Niger seeds
  5. Green mung beans
  6. Black Cumin
  7. Sorghum
  8. Red Kidney Beans
  9. Maize Corn
  10. Lentils
  11. Soya Beans
  12. Castor Seeds